Parent Information

  • Keeping You Informed

    Parents/guardians are most welcome to ask questions or discuss any queries with members of staff at the beginning or end of a session. It is always extremely helpful for the staff to be kept aware of any events happening in your child’s life that may affect their well being at nursery. The more we know about your child’s life at home, the better we are able to support them within the pre-school.
  • Open Days

    Open Days are held once every term when the pre-school is closed to offer all parents/guardians the opportunity to visit the pre-school to discover and explore their child’s learning environment. The parents/guardians of Caterpillars are able to have an informal chat about their child’s progress whilst those of the Butterflies are given the opportunity to have a ten minute formal meeting with their child’s key worker.

  • Policies - Protecting Our Promise

    Little Willows promises to care for and protect the children and staff on our premises, and we have developed a comprehensive range of policies to do just that. Please feel free to view or download the appropriate policy below. 

  • Further Information

  • Uniform

    A simple uniform comprising a polo shirt, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, pinafore, fleece, waterproof jacket, ski hat, sun hats and bag is available for sale in the pre-school. We do encourage the wearing of this uniform, although it is not compulsory. The children enjoy a sense of identity and pride when wearing the uniform, which promotes confidence as they perceive themselves as being part of an identifiable group. We encourage the children to develop the skills that will make them independent. Simple clothing that they can handle themselves when going to the toilet, changing for PE and putting on and taking off outdoor clothes is fundamental to the development of these important skills. So, please, no tight and stiff trousers with buttons and/or belts or dungarees. It would also be much appreciated for the children to wear shoes with either velcro or buckle fastenings and not laces.


  • Wellingtons

    Parents are asked to kindly arrange for a pair of named wellington boots to be sent into preschool on the first day of term so that the children may enjoy the outdoor learning area in all weathers.

  • Latest news at Little Willows

    At Little Willows Pre-School we like to do life together and this is the space where we share the latest news and events with parents past and present. Please keep checking for updates!

  • Hot & Cold Weather

    On sunny days children should attend pre-school wearing a hat and sunscreen with a minimum factor of 15. Staff can re-apply suncream for children staying all day, but appropriate sun cream must be provided and labelled. During periods of cold weather children should attend pre-school wearing a coat, gloves, hat and scarf.

    It would be appreciated if you provided your child with an appropriate sized pair of mittens as they are easier for the children to put on themselves and they keep the hands warmer than finger gloves. Could you please ensure that gloves/mittens are attached to coats with elastic.

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